Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kids and Grown-ups Love it

There is an art to exhibiting, particularly when all you have to show is a few brochures and a couple of banners framing your formica table top.  Fortunately we spent some time before hand thinking about how to attract people to the stand so that we could beguile them with our interesting and informative repartee. We dismissed the bikini clad girls early on (couldn't bare the competition) and plummed for the Tomy Big Loader toy.

What a stroke of genius. Having tested it at Sustainability Live with great results, we gave it a re-run at The Stafford County Show and Rea Vent, renewable energy exhibition in Minsterley, Shropshire.  We saw grown men reduced to tears as they reminisced about buying the same toy for their now grown up sons or daughters, others offered large sums of money to take it home as their next executive toy. Little did they realise they were being lured into our trap.

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