Monday, 27 February 2012

Keep on top of recycling your bottle tops!

Here at the Green Achiever office we're obviously very keen on recycling just about anything! So when our Office Manager Zoe came up with an innovative way to recycle bottle tops, I thought it was only right to share her idea.

Councils will not take bottle tops, and it is said that mixing plastic bottle tops with normal plastic recycling can contaminate the materials, deeming it unsuitable.

I've mentioned Lush Cosmetics and their Green Values before in previous posts, but as Zoe is an avid buyer of the brand, she had the idea of starting a plastic bottle top collection, which she will then take in to the store.

To read more on bottle top recycling or to see Zoe's idea in full go to :

You can also follow the Green Hub from Lush on Twitter : @GreenTeamatLush 

Using recycled waste: a coffee tin, a plastic bag and recycled paper for the labels, here is the end result.

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