Thursday, 26 April 2012

Is “Shwopping” the new way to shop?

 Let’s face it, we Brits are pretty good at shopping, but what if there was an incentive to give back whilst spending our money?

 “Shwopping” is the new craze which invites customers to hand over an old item of clothing every time they buy a new one.

 Marks and Spencer’s are in partnership with the Oxfam Charity to help stop one in four items of clothing brought in the UK ending up in the bin. Ab Fab actress Joanna Lumley is helping to launch the cause and in doing so has positively grabbed the media’s attention.

 Customers are encouraged to donate their old clothes in M&S stores bins provided next to the tills in the many stores across the UK when picking up a new item of clothing. (Although you don’t need to buy in order to donate). The clothes will then be recycled and then resold by Oxfam charities in their shops, to reduce landfill whilst helping those in need.

 So if you’re in need of a good clean out in the home, or simply fancy helping those who are less fortunate, then take your unwanted clothes to one of the 342 M&S stores across the UK, and become an honorary “shwopper”.

 To find out more information on recycling unused textiles or shoes, visit Wasteconnect’s factsheet HERE

 Hope you're having a good week, its very gloomy here in Green Achiever HQ, the rain won't seem to ease-off and its very chilly! 


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