Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Flooding Alert

 To think that we were under a risk of drought at the beginning of the year is now quite unbelievable! The amount of rainfall accumulated over the last week in the UK has caused severe flash flooding in parts, affecting both hundreds of home and business owners with devastating affects, and has even cost lives. 

 Every morning I tune into the news to find yet more footage of the floods, but today the Environment Agency report that the weather conditions are steadily approving. Below I have collected some news sites that contain relevant information on the floods. 
PHOTO: Shrewsbury Floods 2008 - Courtesy of Zoe Heath
PHOTO: Shrewsbury Floods 2008 - Courtesy of Zoe Heath
Environment Agency - The Flood page on the Environment Agency contains details on flood warnings within the UK, helplines, preparing for flooding and whether your area may be at risk - 

BBC News Environment - The BBC news page is constantly being updating with flood information. Here is the most up to date news from 16.30pm 28/11/12 -

BBC Shropshire - The latest news for those in the local Shropshire area.

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