Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wildlife Habitats at the Office

Phase 3 Electrical Ltd , a second year self-assessed Green Achiever, had our whole office in a chorus of "awhhh"'s this morning after sending us a picture of the foxes that they have protected on their premises. 

Here's their story: 

"When we moved into our premises 6 years ago we noticed that in a corner of our yard there appeared to be some sort of animal burrow. We didn't want to disturb whatever was living there (rabbits we assumed) so we arranged for the area to be sealed off from the car park and left untouched.

As we have CCTV cameras covering the area, we soon found out that the 'burrow' was in fact home to a family or urban foxes, and we have had the pleasure of watching generations of cubs playing there every spring since.

We have also had the benefit of no rat or rodent problems at our premises, which we were expecting to have, as we are situated right next to a railway embankment. (Foxes charge much less than Rentokil!)

This year we have 8 cubs (the most ever!) , playing outside our rear windows every evening - and whilst productivity tends to dip a little to watch their antics - I don't think anyone really minds (especially as our MD tends to be the one doing most of the watching!)"

If you have any similar stories, or need any advice on ways in which you can encourage or preserve wildlife on your premises, please get in touch via e-mail (hmc@e4environment.co.uk) or Twitter @greenachiever 

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