Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Waste Transfer Notes to go digital

More than two thirds of medium and large sized waste companies support a new online system where the current paper Waste Transfer Notes* would become online documents. The data, collected by the environment agency, shows a positive step towards the 'edoc' system. 

Due to go live in January 2014, this administrative overhaul will rid the process of unnecessary paper notes by providing firms with a free portal through which WTN's can be submitted. Currently, more than 20 million WTN's are created each year and 50 million are kept on record. The benefits of the edoc system include reduced storage costs; a decrease in the time it takes to find a specific WTN and reduced administrative costs currently incurred due to filing and processing time. 

*Under UK law, businesses must complete a WTN for every load of waste transported from one party to another. 

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