Monday, 10 October 2011

The Grass is GREENEST in Shropshire!

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Hope you've all had a lovely summer break and a good weekend. Its Monday again, so why not start a fresh this week and make it the greenest week you've ever had. Register as a Green Achiever free for 3 months at

Now that the Indian summer has drawn to a close, and the autumn weather is surrounding us all, many owners of solar panels will be sad to see the last of the sunny spell as their energy generation reduces. The Department of Energy and Climate Change have revealed that for the second quarter of this year, renewable energy contributed to an all time high of 9.6% of the UK's energy supplied to the grid, a 50% increase from the same time last year.

The Grass is GREENEST in Shropshire!

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In other news, we are pleased to find out that The Little Green Mag has blogged about Green Achiever on their website, with information from our most recent newsletter. See it here -Thanks!

This months' company profiles:- 


For a cleaner, greener home! Ecophy go Silver
Ecophy Cleaning Services Ltd joined the Green Achiever Scheme in April this year and has been awarded Silver Status.  Key to Ecophy is that their approach to environmental management isn't just about a written policy - it's about the overall ethics of the company.   Ecophy believe that cleaning should be a clean business and having ensured the basics are right Ecophy have a track record of innovation and looking to technological solutions that bring environmental benefits using nanotechnology, ultrasound, and uv light  all as alternatives to other more traditional (non-chemical) products.
Ecophy also consider the equipment they use to ensure they use as little water as possible, have replaceable parts so a whole machine doesn't become obsolete for the sake of one broken element, and plan the order of the use of their materials to achieve their maximum re-usability before they go for recycling.   Carbon accounting is at the core of Ecophy's pricing structure and regular customers benefit from a 1 tonne carbon off-set. 
Jamie Austin, Managing Director said "It is good be associated with the Green Achiever Scheme and the Silver process is extremely good; it made me think about lots of things on the day and also makes me think about the future of our business and how we become more aware of our surroundings.   Even though we have made many decisions on moving our business forward, this is by far the best one to date and I am sure it will change future decisions for us."


Cognition has recently completed its 3rd Green Achiever Self-Assessment and has confirmed its excellent environmental performance as a 4-star company.  Cognition is a fully integrated marketing agency providing branding, PR and digital assistance to their clients from offices in the heart of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.  As the company has expanded they have maintained their environmental practices, including the environmental approach as an integral aspect of their induction for new employees, moved to using laptop rather than desktop computers and have offset increasing amounts of carbon through the Sponsor a Tree Scheme. 
Anthony Purkiss commented: "Our environmental approach is important to the Cognition team and we are keen to continue our improvement programme.  We will be implementing our targets for this year and look forward to achieving the 5-star rating next year."  

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