Saturday, 28 January 2012

Be Mine? Be Green!

Valentines day, whether your taken or single, is a day to celebrate love. So how about we celebrate whilst also doing our bit for the environment?

This year, Valentines falls on Tuesday 14th February 2012, and I am very excited as I am being whisked away to a country lodge with my partner which will enable me to explore South Wales, which I personally find dazzling. 

But enough about me, since we all now need to be making better choices concerning the impact we’re having on the environment, surely this special day shouldn’t be an exception. A celebration of love should certainly involve showing your love for the world surrounding us as well. 

Zoe, part of the Wasteconnect team in the office, has put together a great fact sheet about where to buy your green gifts and includes some great ideas for an eco-valentines! 
You can find this here :

But my personal favourite green valentines gifts come courtesy for Nigels Eco Store here - (The soap gift box looks gorgeous! - hint hint)

And Lush Cosmetics, who bring out a valentines range every year-  (this year looks even better than the last, I want EVERYTHING)


Why not save on fuel emissions and take your loved one for a stroll in the countryside, a romantic bike ride or a picnic in the park? (Old fashioned girl, me!)  

You could even make your company a GREEN ACHIEVER, its free, simple and we're always on the end of the phone Monday - Friday if you encounter any problems ...  plus we're linked with the Bike to work Scheme, find out more here:

So, whatever you decide to do this Valentines, make it a green one and have a lovely time! 

GA Team x

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