Thursday, 16 February 2012

Students Take Action For A Greener World

Juggling student life whilst working in the office can be hard at times, but it also comes alongside many benefits. 

For example, working with Green Achiever for the past two years has expanded my knowledge into green issues and has reflected in my actions, as I treat the environment with a new found respect. 

So when I notice other students taking action, no matter how big or how small, I believe more media attention should be drawn to their efforts - (We are campaigning for our future, after all

People & Planet  are an example of this. 

They are a large student organisation campaigning to ...'Protect the environment, defend human rights and end world poverty', which I found through The National Union of Students (NUS). 

The website includes how to get involved, information and news on climate change, and how you too can take action by donating here

Their organisation also ran a GO GREEN WEEK from 6th-10th February 2012, which you can find information on here. 


Who are we?

  • Founded as Third World First, People & Planet has 40 years’ experience of supporting student activism and campaigns to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment.
  • We are about empowering young people to make a differencein the world; inspiring a generation of activists.
  • We work with students in schools, colleges and universities. We provide skills training, events, education activities, encouragement and communications to over 25,000 people.
  • Our vibrant grassroots network of student groups covers 70 universities, and 79 schools and colleges across the UK with over 1,500 active members.
  • People & Planet is distinctive for putting youth leadership at its heart. We are accountable to a Management Committee, the majority of whom are peer-elected students.
Please help Spread the word if you too feel passionate about world poverty & the environment
P&P Twitter Username : @peopleandplanet 



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