Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fathering Sunday Made Green

Fathering Sunday Made Green

 On Sunday 17th June it is Fathers Day here in the UK. Among other things, it is a day to celebrate all those dads and granddads that have helped to bring us up all these years, exchanging a gift or two in appreciation and kindness.

 So like Mothers Day before, along with the help of some of our Twitter followers, I have gathered some green gift ideas. Feel free to comment below if you know of any important others we may have missed.


Very rarely, but at times, the sun does come out here in the UK; you just have to be lucky to catch it. So, why don’t you take your dad out on a nice countryside walk, a bike ride or a picnic? Here you can spend quality time together whilst enjoying the fresh outdoors.

If that isn’t your cup of tea, how about treating your dad to breakfast in bed, a nice cooked meal and/or a cold beer? – Organic beer, of course! See Abel and Cole for more details.


This year, why not bring out your creative side by making your dad a unique memorable Father’s Day card? Using recycled paper or card you could cut out your own images from old magazines or newspapers and use photographs of you and your dad to stick on – he will really appreciate your personalised effort!


Love-Eco are a company which sell gifts for any occasion, stocking ethical and eco-friendly alternatives, from men’s clothes to chocolates!

The Ethical Eco Store also stocks plenty of eco-friendly gift ideas for every occasion.

The Amnesty online shop sells fashion jewellery and clothes. These are made from recycled materials, are organic and many are Fair Trade.

Nigels Eco Store is a popular online shop, with a whole section dedicated to Father’s Day gift ideas here:

Freegle is a national organisation made up of local groups which allow you to give stuff away when you need to get rid of it but don’t want to throw it in the bin. Reducing landfill and helping to save our environment.

Recommended by Freegle Brighton on Twitter (@FreegleBrighton) are the following:

Thrashion - This company make jewellery out of recycled skateboards. For all the fashionable dads out there ;)

Newlife Paint - This company reprocesses waste paint back to a superior grade emulsion paint. For those dads who enjoy a bit of DIY.

Kelly Swallows Patchwork Chairs - This company creates vintage patchwork chairs from recycled material. For those dads who love doing nothing more than sitting down infront of the television ;)

Have a great Father's Day!

GA Team

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