Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Green Jubilee 2012

Many of you, like me, will be digging out the bunting to celebrate during the extended bank holiday for the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

But how can you make your patriotic celebrations green? Well if the weather stays anything like it’s been for the last week I’m sure thousands of people will be taking to the streets for parties whilst sunning themselves in gardens and local parks across the UK! 

Take a look at these Jubilee-themed innovative creations reported by Treehugger: “Recycled Stamps, Trash, and Cookies Celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Diamond” 

Hot tips to make the Jubilee Green –

Food and Drink
Plastic dinner plates and cups are by far the best as they are easily reusable, but if you are hosting a large party with a lot of people you may prefer to use paper plates and cups. Ensure all food and drink is removed before taking them to your nearest bring bank. (See for local sites).

If you prefer, why not drop them at your nearest school or nursery so that the children can reuse them to make faces or re-decorate?

Empty plastic bottle tops can also be recycled, see this post for more details.

Bunting and Patriotic Decoration
Why not check out your nearest charity shop? A close family friend did just that and now has a decorated garden, with the money going to those in need.

Alternatively, reuse coloured cardboard or paper, an activity keeping the children occupied, re-decorating as they please.

Check out sites such as Ebay or Freegle, but be sure your products can be posted in time.

Organise a street party- saving on resources, sharing food and drink and with the added possibility of meeting new people!

Save on fuel emissions and save the planet by walking or biking to your destination. This reduces fuel costs, increases health and entitles you to a glass or two to celebrate.

Become a Green Achiever - If you are not as patriotic as some and prefer to rest during the weekend, why not sign your company up as a Green Achiever. It is FREE to sign up for 3 months, and only takes 5 minutes. There is no charge after the 3 months and no obligation, but an option to renew on a higher level for a fee if you please. More information on our site:

So have a fantastic long Bank Holiday Jubilee Weekend, we would love to know what you have planned, and if you have any other hot tips, please let us know J

GA Team

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