Monday, 30 July 2012

Greening the 2012 Olympics

 After the stunning opening ceremony for the Olympics which took place last Friday, could the London Olympic Games be a Green one?

The development of the Olympic Park has been dramatic; turning what was wasteland into several eye-catching, fascinating venues. Organizers are hoping for the greenest games ever, insisting an effort is made to minimize any harm to the environment.

The official site lists different ways organisers are planning to make the games green, and also includes a poster you can print off for your own use. You can find this here: -  

Business Green has put together the Top 10 Green Olympic facts. This ranges from the eco-uniform at McDonalds to the completely recyclable stadium itself – definitely worth a read!

And the final article I found refers to the air quality in London City. ‘Olympic athletes could be impaired by London pollution, experts warn’ – definitely recommend. See whether you agree here-

During the weekend, I went away to Blackpool for a few nights. During the drive home, we decided to stop at Mcdonalds where we were greeted by an Olympic Torchbearer with his Torch. For 50p we were able to have a photo and a hold of the torch, all proceeds going to charity - of course I couldn't say no! Its a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of us! I've included the photo below :-) 
Stay Green!
Thanks for reading :-) 

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