Monday, 5 August 2013 - Gold Green Achievers

Milton Keynes based, which specialises in providing integrated ticketing solutions designed to enable entertainment and sports organisations to sell tickets to consumers using their own brands, has attained gold standard status for the second year running. Having originally signed up to Green Achiever in May 2009,, which also has offices in Europe, the US, Asia Pacific and Africa, initially gained silver status in March 2011 and its first gold in June last year.

Daniel Burrows, internet services specialist at, said: “Despite many organisational changes, we have constantly maintained our level of environmental friendly commitment and will be implementing new ideas and plans for the future. For example, to better manage energy consumption, all employees and clients are now encouraged to reduce business travel by use of WebEx, training facilities are hired in a central location rather than have everyone travel long distances and the company has reduced its car pool from six to two.

“In the office, employees use energy efficient laptops and take them home with the power cable so as not to create residual energy draw happening while they are switched off. All the kettles have been replaced with a Burco to reduce the constant re-heating of water and all the chairs are now repaired and recycled rather than scrapped. We are currently engaging with our new landlord about us having more control over energy costs and consumption such as the lighting, ventilation and heating systems.”

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